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How do Quest Multipliers work?
How do Quest Multipliers work?
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Quest Multipliers are an exciting feature of our app that reward you even further just for using your Tiv card! They tie in with our level-up system, where each level represents the point multiplier you’ll receive upon completing Quests. For example, once you reach level 2 you will start to receive double the points you would normally earn. You can eventually make your way up to level 5, meaning you can earn 5 times the amount of points!

When you start using your Tiv card to spend money, you’ll see the progress on your Quest gauge start to move. As the gauge moves, the amount that you would need to spend using your Tiv card in order to level up will also change.

The gauge will be a great visual representation of how far away you are from the next level, but you will also encounter a sweet level-up screen when you make it to the next mark!

Once a new month starts, Quest Multipliers will reset and you'll get a new collection of quests to complete. For more information on how level-ups work, check out this article!

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