How do I link my Tiv account to PayPal?
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You can check this support article for a general overview on how to connect the payment app of your choosing, such as PayPal, from within the Tiv app. Otherwise, please follow these steps to connect your Tiv card to your PayPal account:

Linking with your Tiv card

PayPal Website

After logging into your account, select "Wallet" from the top menu bar. Then, click "Link a card or bank". From the menu that pops up, select "Link a debit or credit card".

On the next screen under "Link a card manually", select "Debit or credit card".

Here, you can enter the details for your Tiv card and click "Link Card"!

You should now see your Tiv card listed as an option under your Wallet! If you'd like to connect other payment apps, please check here.

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