How do I link my Tiv account to CashApp?
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You can check this support article for a general overview on how to connect the payment app of your choosing, such as CashApp, from within the Tiv app. Otherwise, please follow these steps to connect your Tiv card to your CashApp account:

  1. Head to "Account & Settings" within CashApp and select "Linked Banks".

  2. Tap "Link Debit Card".

    Please note that CashApp only allows you to add one debit card to your account. If you are not seeing the "Link Debit Card" option, you may have a debit card currently linked that you can choose to replace with your Tiv card.

  3. Enter your Tiv card details and tap "Add Card".

You should now see your Tiv card listed as an option under your Linked Banks! If you'd like to connect other payment apps, please check here.

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