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My PlayStation playtime isn't updating
My PlayStation playtime isn't updating
Written by JP Pillat
Updated over a week ago

If you're primarily playing on PlayStation, PSN can be slow to update. This can be a matter of days or, in rare cases, even as much as a week. Please know that we are reporting exactly the information that is available from PSN. If you'd like to verify this, please follow these steps:

Head over to your PS profile.

Now select the games tab. Here you'll be able to see all of the games you've played, when you last played them, and play time (rounded to the nearest hour).

If PSN hasn't updated your hours played on a title, we will get the same report. Fear not, PSN will EVENTUALLY update, and when it does, we will make sure you receive credit for any quests completed during that time.

If your play hours do not match up, please reach out directly via our in-app support! Thank you for understanding.

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