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How does my Tiv Pro subscription work?
How does my Tiv Pro subscription work?
Written by JP Pillat
Updated over a week ago

Welcome to Tiv Pro! Tiv Pro is our premium subscription service that offers:

  • 2x points for all quests completed during the month(including retroactive points for quests completed earlier in the month AND any quests completed for the rest of the month)

  • Discounted redemption options in the Tiv Store

  • Multiple progress updates per day

For a monthly fee of $4.99, you can enjoy the benefits of Tiv Pro.

The Tiv Pro subscription is non-refundable, and canceling your subscription will only prevent future charges. No refunds will be issued as Tiv Pro perks are applied immediately to your account.

Tiv Pro will auto-renew at the beginning of each month, so if you're not interested in continuing with the service, make sure to cancel before your next billing cycle.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with Tiv Pro now!

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