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How do I get 2x points on Quests with Tiv Pro?
How do I get 2x points on Quests with Tiv Pro?
Written by JP Pillat
Updated over a week ago

Congrats, you've made a great choice to join Tiv Pro!

The 2x points on Quests is simple. Once you've signed up, all Quests that you've previously completed during the month will automatically be doubled.

If you've already completed them, doubled.

If you've already claimed them, doubled.

To get the bonus points earned from the level up, simply log out and log back in. You'll get an announcement that allows you to receive your bonus points!

Additionally, any Quest that you have yet to complete for the month will also be doubled. If a Quest was 100pts before, it'll now show up as 200pts!

Start stacking those points and don't forget, as a Tiv Pro member, you'll get a 5% discount on the gift card of your choice via the redeem tab!

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